Membership Welcome + Password Delivery [Activemember360]

Welcome to this automation template: "Membership Welcome + Password Delivery with Activemember360" co-authored with the Activemember360 team for Activerelay users.

The purpose:

The purpose of this automation is to create a seamless post purchase registration process for your membership site utilizing Activemenber360". This automation is also designed to give you the flexibility to register a client to your membership portal without having to go through the payment process. 

Things required and to remember: 

(The key has been developed by the Activerelay team to clearly identify your emails in your ActiveCampaign account.)

Emails Required: 

  1. AM/E1: Welcome, here are your access details

Email Code Key: 

AM = Activemember360" registration automation

E1 = Individual email number in automation

Tags Required: 

  • TRIGGER: Membership name or level
  • MEMBERSHIP: Active member program name or member level

Other required elements to run Activemember360"

1. Either Ioncube or Zend-guard, you need to make sure these are activated on your web hosting. If you're having issue doing it yourself we recommend you reach out to your hosting support.

Automation breakdown:

Step 1: Setup of your Activemember360"

For account support head over to their support documentation on how to setup your membership structures. 

Activemember360 support docs:

Note: Once you connect your Activecampaign account via inserting your API keys into the settings page within your Activemember360 plugin on your website two things happen instantly. 

  1. A unique webhook is generated and embedded in your ActiveCampaign's account, so Activemember360 can read and update your contact records. 
  2. A custom field title: Password %password% will be created in your ActiveCampaign account (it will create and inject a custom password if none is present.)

Step 2: Trigger Tag 

Here you'll need to create a trigger tag to start this automation, the reason we have it denoted as a trigger tag and not triggered by a PURCHASE: Product A Tag is so we have the ability to tag and register a user outside of the purchase process. You'll need to insert this trigger tag in the upon purchase tag field in your Activerelay account "Create Orderform" page.

Eg: TRIGGER: Membership name or level

Step 3: Delay timer

As soon as the client has the tag applied to their contact record Activemember360's webhook will read this and auto register the client to your membership portal. We have built in a 5 minute delay timer to mimic the behavior of a human, however this is not required. 

Step 4: Remove the trigger tag

We now need to remove the trigger tag as it's not required on the contact record.

Step 5: Welcome + Membership access delivery

In this email we need to merge in the password and email fields. The email account denoted on purchase will become the contact record in ActiveCampaign as well as the username within your membership portal.

Your email should look something like the email supplied in your automation.


Welcome and introduction.
Sign in here: {type the URL that your users will use to sign into. eg.}

Username: %EMAIL%
Password:  %PASSWORD% 


If you have any trouble accessing it please reach out to {} or simply hit reply to this email.

Your Name
Business Name

Step 4: Apply Tag

Now to apply a particular Membership level or Activemember360" program name tag. So you can visually see on the contact record which programs or levels each client is actively a part of. This gives you the ability to show or hide content in your membership portal according to access levels. 

Step 5: End this automation

We've chosen to end this template here and give you creative license on where to take the automation from here. We also recommend that you continue or trigger a 30 day or more onboarding nurture automation. 

You can import this template here:

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