Abandon Cart Recovery Template [Basic]

Welcome to this abandon cart recovery template developed for Activerelay users. It's been co-authored with automation specialist Henry Reith and Dan deWitte founder of Activerelay.

The purpose:

The purpose of this automation is to further reduce the bounce rate of potential clients who reach the order form page but don't complete the purchase. This automation is designed with 2 gentle reminders within a 4 hour window as we have found this to be the prime time to re-engage and potentially recover customers. 

Example: A potential customer abandons cart as their internet crashed or laptop died.

Things required and to remember:

Emails Required: 

  1. AC/B/E1: Don't forget...
  2. AC/B/E2: What you'll miss!

Email code key: 

This key has been developed by the Activerelay team to show clarity of your emails in your Activecampaign account.

AC = Abandon Cart (Automation it's assigned to)

B = Basic (Stage of the campaign)

E1 = Individual email number in automation. 

Tags Required: 

  • PURCHASE: Product purchase tag, a custom tag per product or a global purchase.
  • TRIGGER: Advanced level recovery automations.


Automation Breakdown: 


Step 1: Starting point. 

Trigger the starting point is done via the page tracking code from Activecampaign account.  Click here for tutorial on it.

What you'll need to do is white label your Activerelay url which will look something like this: 


Once you have completed this you'll be able to access the domain from the drop down menu on within the automation trigger "webpage is viewed"

Step 2: Time delay

This stage we want to set a wait timer for 1 hour. 

Step 3: If/ else 

The system will do a check to see if the client has purchased the product. This is achieved by seeing if a tag exists (the tag that is assigned when a successful purchase is made via the cart).

*Note if yes we are going to end this automation.

Step 4: Send email  [AC/B/E1: Don't forget...]

Send a gentle reminder email to the prospect that they haven't completed the purchase and a prompt to complete via clicking the cart link in the email.

Step 5: Time delay

Set timer to wait for 3 hours.

Step 6: If/ else 

The system will do another check to see if the client has made a purchase with the assigned purchase tag.

*Note if yes we are going to end this automation.

Step 7: Send email [AC/B/E2: What you'll miss!]

Create a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect in your email, while also stating the value of the product they get.

Step 8: Tag [optional]

This is an optional feature for you to add in your abandon cart recovery sequence, this will trigger another automation with additional complexity.

Import this automation here: https://www.activecampaign.com/marketplace/recipe/abandon-cart-recovery-basic


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