How to create a discount

Everyone loves a good discount so why not give it to them! 

In the support doc we'll walk you through exactly what you need to do in order for create a discount. 



Step 1: Set internal name

Set your internal name for your discount so you know what its all about. 

Step 2: Set internal description. 

Like your internal name this is another deeper level of explination of your description so you can with confidence give access to your staff and they know what they are looking at without asking you million questions. 

Step 3: Select which product.

From the drop down you'll need to select which product or all of the products to attach the discount to. 

Step 4: Actual amount or % 

we give you the flexibility to set either a fixed amount or percentage. 

Step 5:  Place the amount.

Please specify the amount you want off in numerical value.

Setting Criteria (These next steps are optional depending on what you want to setup.)

Step 6: Coupon code. 

This field is case sensitive if you wish to have a coupon code associated to your product/s. 

Note: if you are using coupon codes please make sure it's toggled on for your order form/s.

Step 7: Set Max redemptions. 

Place a 0 in this field if you don't want to limit the amount of times a discount or coupon can be used. 

Step 8: Set date range. 

You have the optional ability to set a date range for your coupon to start and end. 

eg. December Christmass sale 1/12/XX - 1/1/XX. 

Step 9: Check box apply to all subscription charges.

if you leave this box unchecked it will only apply to the first transaction in the subscription. If checked it will apply the discount to all recuring charges in the subscription plan. 

Step 10: Save and complete!

If you need to make amendments to your Discounts you can click on the settings wheel in the created discounts section, see sreenshot for pointer.

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