Global Form Stylings

You will find your global form styling section within your account settings, above your stripe API keys integration. 

This section is where you set some global information that will be displayed on all order forms.

1. Start with uploading your logo. This will be positioned in the header on the left of your order form. We recommend using a logo no bigger than 225px in width. 

Note: Your logo will be placed in all order forms and transactional emails sent by Activerelay on behalf of you.

Design Note: When you create an order form you have the ability to set the header colour so if you have a dark logo and you set a dark background colour you run the risk of losing the contrast of your logo, the same does for light colour logo and header colour.

2. Support contact number is not a required field but we recommend it as it increases trust with your potential client giving them the option to phone in if they are having trouble processing or would like some more information about your product or service. 

3. Support contact email is a required field. Like the support contact number, this also increases trust for the potential client. This is placed in the header on the right side of the order form. 

4. Business name field is where you type your business name. It will be placed in the footer of all order forms and as the sign off in all transactional emails. 

5. Your privacy policy is required by law to be displayed on all pages where you accept input of an email address. This will be displayed in a "Privacy Policy" link in the footer of all order forms. 

6. Hit "Save Settings" and you're complete. 


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