Subscription/ Plan cancelation request feedback + Win back offer

Welcome to this template: "Subscription cancellation with request for feedback with a win back offer" developed for Activerelay users.

The purpose:

The purpose of this automation is to seek feedback on how to make your product or service better. Post submission of feedback the user is sent a discount offer with the intention of winning them back as a customer.

Things required and to remember: 

(The key has been developed by the Activerelay team to clearly identify your emails in your ActiveCampaign account.)

Emails Required: 

  1. SC/E1: Sorry to see you go / request feedback
  2. SC/E2: Acknowledge feedback + offer win back

Email Code Key: 

SC = Subscription Cancelation (Automation it's assigned to)

E1 = Individual email number in automation 

Tags Required: 

  • CANCELED: Product cancel tag, a custom tag per product or a global purchase

Automation break down:

Step 1: Starting point

This automation is triggered by a CANCELATION tag applied to the contact record when a cancelation is made within Activerelay for a client on a particular product. 

Step 2: Time delay

At this stage, we want to set a wait timer so the email is sent when it is 9am in the client's time zone. We do this to mimic human follow-up, even though it's automated it's nice to feel like there's a person on the other end of the email.

Note: A transactional email confirming cancelation will be sent to the client from Activerelay on your behalf. 

Step 3: Send Email acknowledging cancelation and requesting feedback


In this email, we've made the submission of feedback simple for the client. I'm sure you've experienced long-winded feedback forms, they are the worst! This way you'll get more responses and a better win back ratio. 

3A: Think of at least three different statements your client could agree with, we want at least one appropriate answer. 

3B: The feedback survey is set up as buttons. To ensure you get their results add a tag so when they click you'll need to have a unique URL for each button and apply a different tag to each response. 


FEEDBACK: Tag response 1

FEEDBACK: Tag response 2

FEEDBACK: Tag response 3

REMEMBER: You can't apply different tags to the same URL in the same email.

3C: To set up this basic feedback Thank You page we recommend you set up 1 landing page and duplicate it and change the end number in the URLs. Example:




More advanced users can customize each landing page to reflect the response the client has given. 

Step 4: Click Goal

In this goal, we want to set a rule to wait until they have clicked one of the buttons in the previous email.

Step 5: Notify team member

Here we need to setup a notification action to notify a staff member or yourself a client has completed the feedback. The process will then be to review the tag on the contact record and take appropriate action.

Step 6: Time delay

Set a wait timer until the current time for the client is at 9am to humanize the follow-up.

Step 7: Send Email acknowledging feedback

In this Email, give the client a discount code to use on a particular product or all products in an effort to win them back as a client. 

Note: you need to setup your discount code first in the Activerelay discounts section before you make this automation live with the discount.

Step: Apply end automation element

This concludes this automation, you can certainly add more elements and get as creative as you want, but as a start this one will get you on the road.

You can import this automation directly into your account via this link:

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