Boost Sales Conversions with Discount Optin

Welcome to this template automation developed for  Activerelay  users. It's been co-authored with ActiveCampaign certified consultant Alex King and Dan deWitte founder of  Activerelay .

The purpose:

The purpose of this automation is gain cold/warm leads for a quick conversion of your product with a discount. Prospects hitting your sales page but not buying. This is an easy automation to import that has shown a huge jump in conversion rate (Alex King's clients average is 20%). The key variable here is not the amount you are discounting. We've come to learn that it amount of the discount generally doesn't matter - people just don't want to pay full price.

Use this for your entry level product/s between the $30 - $200 price range and watch your sales increase.

You'll also get the opportunity to get direct feedback from your customers that DON'T buy from you which is always really helpful information.

Things required and to remember:

Emails Required: (Tweak our emails with your product names and details)

  1. BSC/E1: Here is your email
  2. BSC/E2: Do you still want this?
  3. BSC/E3: Help me understand

Email code key: 

This key has been developed by the  Activerelay  team to show clarity of your emails in your Activecampaign account.

BSC = Boost Sales Conversions (Automation it's assigned to)

E1 = Individual email number in automation. 


  • TRIGGER: tag name to trigger this automation. 

Automation Breakdown: 

Step 1: Form entry point

There are a few ways we can do it, when you import the automation we have a list of plugins for your WordPress (first element note) you can use, for this automation template we're going to show you the Native ActiveCampaign form builder, highlighting the Floating Bar.

Step 1A: Setup theming of floating bar.

Suggested text: Enter your details to get [10%] Off [Product/Program Name]   -  Button: Claim Discount

Step 2: Trigger Automation.

Now that you've setup the optin form, on whatever platform you've chosen we need to make sure it triggers the automation. 

  • Current setup with ActiveCampaign floating bar, we can trigger the automation via "Form Submission"
  • Other triggers can be done via a subscribed status to a list or Tag applied from 3rd party optin form.

Step 3: Send email with promo code. 

We now need to send an email with the discount code, we have supplied copy for you to amend and tweak to your language. 

Remember: You need to have your discount code setup within Activerelay.

Step 4: Time delay.

This stage we want to set a wait timer for 1 hour. 

Step 5: Send Follow Up email.

This stage we'll send a follow-up email, now not to worry as there is a goal set further down the automation that will cancel this email out if they purchase your product before the 1hr timer ends. 

Step 6: Time delay. 

This stage we want to set 2x time delays one for 2 days and the one after it until it's x (appropriate contact time). 

Step 7: Send final follow up email. 

In this stage we want to send a final follow up email simply asking how can we better x product. 

Step 8: Goal. 

This goal is trigger via a "PURCHASE: Product a" tag being applied on the contact record, this tag is unique to the product thats attached to the discount and product that you're selling. 

If the goal is reached at any stage within this automation it wil cancel out the other follow up emails and automatically move the contact forward in the automation skipping the emails.

Step 9: Trigger another automation. (Optional) 

This is an option step but we suggest you move your contact into a nurture sequence or general broadcast list. 

Import this automation here:

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