Abandon cart recovery [sales team intervention]

Welcome to this abandon cart recovery template with sales team intervention developed for  Activerelay users.

The purpose:

The purpose of this automation is to further reduce cart abandonment with added intervention of your sales team.   This automation is 

Things required and to remember:

Emails Required: 

  1. Notification email to your support team

Tags Required:

  • ACTION: Sales team intervention

Automation Breakdown:

Step 1: Starting point

This automation is an extention of our basic cart recover automation at the end of that automation we need to place the ACTION tag to trigger this automation, This trigger has a two side approach not only as a trigger tag but a visual segmentation tag for your sales team. 

Step 2: Delay

This stage we want to set a wait timer for 3 days until 8am for your contact times or a time that is more suited for your business process it may be a shorter or longer time. 

Step 3: If/ else 

The system will do a check to see if the client has purchased the product with the correct tag. This is achieved by seeing if a tag exists (the tag that is assigned when a successful purchase is made via the cart).

*Note if yes we are going to end this automation and remove the "ACTION: Sales team intervention" tag.

Step 4: Team notification

We need to setup a team notification, at this stage, you could also create a task or deal. 

Step 5: Appropriate action

Now it's in the hands of your sales team, it's up to them to take the appropriate action in directing them to purchase as well as removing the "ACTION: sales team intervention" tag. 

You can import this automation template here: http://tplshare.com/3ib3$$e

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