What's the best way to use tags?

Tags are one of the core integration elements with ActiveCampaign, this gives you nearly unlimited possibilities for creating automations based off certain actions that are processed within Activerelay. 

Note: At this stage we recommend you create all your associated product tags within ActiveCampaign before you type them into your Activerelay create order-form page to make sure you are triggering the right tag. 

Tags you'll need to create: 

  • Tag/s on purchase
  • Tag/s on refund/ partial refund

For subscriptions you'll also need to create: 

  • Tag/s on subscription calculation 
  • Tag/s on subscription failed payment
  • Tag/s on expiring credit card.

Implementing tags in ActiveCampaign. 

Step 1: Go to the contacts and in the top right hit manage tags. 

Step 2: Type in the tags required for the order form. 

If the use of tags it still over whelming then we highly recommend downloading Barry Moore's guide of The Active Marketer:  Ninja Tagging guide here.

Now you can tag like a pro. Just as a tip, keep it simple!

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