Embedding ActiveCampaign Tracking Codes


The purpose of setting up and embedding site tracking is so we can trigger abandon cart recovery automations if a potential client hasn't purchased within a particular time frame. It also proves visibility of online client you're clients are doing online. 

You can view ActiveCampaign's support doc on site and event tracking.

Step 1: Enable site tracking

You'll need to head up to the top right of your ActiveCampaign account and go to "My Settings", scroll down to the bottom of the navigation on the left and select "Tracking" *part 1*. Once this loads turn the toggle on the site tracking to "On" *part 2*.

Step 2: Whitelist your domain

Whitelist your app URL from your Activerelay account. Copy your app URL and paste it into the "Add Domain" field in in ActiveCampaign account. Scroll to the bottom and hit "save settings". See below image for demo.

Example: Yourappname.activerelay.com

Step 3: Embed your tracking code

Now you have white labeled your Activerelay app URL, it's time to inject the page tracking script onto our order forms to start tracking.

Remember to place code in the footer tags.

Step 4: Trigger Automation

Trigger your automation via page view, head over to this tutorial on setting up an abandon cart recovery automation: 


Annnd you're done!


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