Customer subscription payment failure

What happens when a client's payment fails? 

To save some headache and hassle we're going to do some of the leg work for you and put all failed payments into a recovery sequence that will run consecutively over a 72hr window. If a client updates their details successfully no further action is required on your part and you can check the update via the contact record. If no action is taken and the automation completes the recovery attempts without success Activerelay will apply associated tags.


1st Failed charge attempt.

Activerelay will send an email to your client on your behalf with custom expiring link (in 7days) promoting your client to update their credit card (CC) details. 

If nothing happens within a 24hr window and 2nd failed charge attempt occurs. 

2nd Failed charge attempt occurs. 

Activerelay will send a second email to your client on your behalf prompting them to update CC with the same expiring update CC link.

Again if nothing happens within another 24hr window and the 3rd failed attempt occurs.

3rd failed attempt occurs.

Activerelay will send out a third and final email to your client on your behalf with the expiring update CC link. 

If nothing happens within 24hrs after the third email is sent Activerelay will apply your associated failed payment tags on the client's contact record. It's up to you to create an automation for your sales team customer follow-up or even suspension of the membership portal.

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